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Pentagon Exreme closeups of the wall. Sep11th
If a plane the size of a 757 "burned up" surely we would see some bits and pieces scattered around?
The lack of debris is astonishing.
Notice the tree stump just below, this is the center of impact of this HUGE 757.
No scraps left.

Notice the branches of this tree which are laying in front of the damage.
Its amazing how that many tons of plane could vaporize, but the tree branches are still there.

How much of our tax dollars were spent on heat resistant trees???

The bottom left of the pic below, is where the right wing should have vaporized into thin air.

The lawn looks pretty good though, that is some tough grass !

WOW, a peice of debris?
to the right of the SUV? Too bad its white, and was never recorded in the DOD or Fema catalogs?

Smaller pieces of white debris in front of the car, bottom left of pic.
To bad the AA plane wasnt white, and if that much heat melted the rest of the plane, shouldnt these last few pieces be burned looking?

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